Slip and Fall Lawyers Top 10 Best

How often do you trip over while walking across the street? Such trips and falls account for nearly 800,000 hospitalizations. The liability is on property owners to maintain the safety of customers, visitors, and guests.

Anybody who gets hurt due to lack of safe flooring, absence of warning signs, or failure to repair is entitled to receive compensation. Slip and fall lawyers play an essential role in filing the litigation and fighting for accident claims.

This article will mainly consist of essential details about slip and fall injuries and the best lawyers who can fight the case.

Slip and Fall Accident Laws

Slip, trip, and fall are generally cases where the premises owner is liable for the accident. The law states that the victim is eligible for compensation if the property owner fails to maintain a safe environment for the visitors or customers.

The victim can claim compensation if the property owner fails to warn visitors about the possible hazards on the property.

However, some exceptions to such cases are based on the situations mentioned below.

  • The owner of the property is not liable if the visitor was distracted
  • The hazards of the property should be non-obvious to a fairly responsible person
  • The victim will not be compensated if they were trespassing the property
  • The owner will be responsible if the design of the property is responsible for the fall

As much as this is the property owner’s responsibility to provide a safe environment to the visitors, the visitor also must remain careful and behave responsibly.

Let us find out about the role of slip and fall lawyers who can help the two parties in such situations.

How Can A Slip And Fall Lawyer Help You?

Personal injury cases don’t accept self-representation. There is a need for a responsible attorney to investigate the case and present it in front of the higher authority.

Slip and fall lawyers are experts in negotiation skills and can pick up the loopholes from the incident. An unclear presentation of the case might lead to denial of compensation.

Below are some pointers on how slip and fall lawyers can assist you in the case.

  • Investigating the confession of witnesses
  • Consulting people who are directly or indirectly aware of the premises
  • Assessing the accident spot and analyzing the possibilities
  • Gathering evidence in the forms of reports and pictures to present to the higher authority
  • Organizing your medical documents to claim compensation
  • Negotiating a fair settlement amount by consulting the insurance company

Having established the crucial role of a slip and fall lawyer, let us know the top 10 experts in this industry who have brilliant litigation skills.

10 Best Slip and Fall Lawyers in 2022

There is no doubt that slip and fall lawyers are one of the highest-paid lawyers in the law industry. Their fee depends on the location, experience, type of property, and case value.

Take a look at some of the great slip and fall lawyers for your reference.

1. Ben Rubinowitz

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

Ben Rubinowitz has over three decades of experience in the industry with several features in New York magazine. He was awarded the “Best Lawyer of The Year” because of his excellent courtroom skills.

Rubinowitz holds expertise in slip and fall injury cases, and his presentation of the case has become a hallmark. He is a very hardworking and dedicated lawyer who is as invested as the victim in the case.

2. Brian Panish

Source: Daily Medicos

Brian Panish has the record of being one of the most successful slip and fall injury lawyers in the history of the United States. He has many prestigious wins under his name because of significant jury verdicts.

He also has the credit to bag the maximum compensation amount in personal injury cases. Many publications and law firms agree that he is one of the country’s most brilliant slip and fall lawyers. He was recently awarded ‘Litigator of The Year’ and had his name on the best lawyer’s list.

3. Carol L. Forte

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

Carol Forte has stood up to the standards of the law industry ever since she stepped into it. She is not only a brilliant slip and fall lawyer but also handles medical malpractice cases. Forte was a registered nurse that enhanced her medical knowledge by fighting the cases.

Her knowledge enhanced her mastery of advocacy skills, and her associates cannot stop praising the benchmark of her professionalism. She is one dedicated lawyer who has settled many multi-million-dollar cases. Her name is synonymous with ethical conduct in the industry.

4. Irvin V Cantor

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

Irvin Cantor has four decades of experience settling the cases related to slip and fall injuries. He has successfully closed 1750 cases and helped families in seeking justice.

Cantor specializes in traumatic brain injury cases, holding 35 years of experience. Due to his keen interest in this domain, he has contributed a few chapters to medical textbooks. The magazine, Super Lawyers, wrote an account of Irvin’s career and expertise.

5. James T Scime

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

James Scime is one of the most skilled slip and fall lawyers and has a history of over a thousand successful cases. He is respected in the industry because of his zeal to stay dedicated to litigation matters.

Scime specializes in personal injury, construction injuries, medical malpractice, and automobile accidents. His expertise has helped his clients claim compensation for their losses and injuries successfully.

6. John Phelps

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

John Phelps holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Memphis School of Law. He is a slip and fall lawyer with an eye for details in the case. He likes to invest his knowledge and experience in the case to bring the best out of it.

There is a reason for him winning Best Lawyers in America for four consecutive years. His name has been featured in several prestigious magazines because of his exceptional contributions.

7. Joseph W. Cotchett

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

Joseph W. Cotchett is a fearless slip and fall lawyer because of his commitment to the courtroom and justice. His only focus is on solving the issue irrespective of the client’s status.

He was responsible for handling high-profile cases and common consumer rights cases. He has settled many multi-million-dollar cases over a career span of 45 years.

8. Mark Lanier

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

Mark Lanier is the founder of the prestigious The Lanier Law Firm. At first, he was not just a slip and fall lawyer but an author, teacher, and storyteller.

With a diverse courtroom experience, he had headline-grabbing verdicts under his name. His excellent personal injury litigation skills helped him win many career wins.

He has several cases against many pharmaceutical companies questioning their ethical conduct in drug development and manufacturing.

9. Mark Robinson Jr.

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

Mark Robinson is undoubtedly one of the best slip and fall lawyers. He was elected president of many prestigious communities, institutions, and memberships.

Robinson was an outstanding attorney who established a benchmark in personal injury and product liability cases. He has fought prestigious cases with Ford Motor Company as well.

10. Ralph Wiser

Source: Top 100 Personal Injury Attorneys

Ralph Wiser has an excellent reputation as a slip and fall lawyer in the entire state. He features on this list because of his experience, professional conduct, and integrity.

His legal ability is beyond the industry’s average standards, and he has efficiently set the benchmark for ethical conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the common queries people have for personal injury lawyers.

1. What are the steps to follow after suffering an injury?

The first step is to seek medical attention and collect appropriate proof for presentation. Notify the responsible authority about your accident and consult with a slip and fall lawyer.

The lawyer should guide you about the following essential steps like witness confession and document segregation.

2. What are some of the damages that a slip and fall lawyer can get you compensated for?

Several factors determine the severity of the accident. The compensation amount will be finalized after checking your medical bills and insurance policies.

Below is a list of damages that contributes to the compensation amount

  • Medical expenditure
  • Loss of wage during hospitalization and recovery period
  • Cost of suffering and mental trauma
  • Incidental expenses
  • Loss of earning opportunity

3. What are some common causes of slip and fall injury?

Slip and fall lawyers have shortlisted some incidents that are eligible for compensation. Below is a list of these situations.

  • Absence of hazard signs
  • Issues with staircase
  • Broken boundaries or railings without any protection or warning sign
  • Open maintenance holes
  • Uneven flooring or wet surface

4. When is the right time to contact a slip and fall lawyer?

The right time to contact is immediately after the accident. If not, you, your relative, friends, or acquaintance can contact your lawyer. The sooner you contact, the better it will be for your case.

Summing Up

Plenty of agencies and individual slip and fall lawyers work tenaciously to help and assist you with your personal injuries. Always keep the contact list ready for emergencies to avoid the loss of money, material, and time.

It is best to seek legal advice in such situations to claim fair compensation for your loss. A counsel makes the process smoother and easier for you by taking prompt legal steps.